EDANA's HAI Posters

EDANA'S Infographics

Creative Direction, Design


EDANA is the international association serving the nonwovens and related industries. Providing theirs members with the information and data necessary for them to enhance the industry goals and performance.

EDANA's Geotextiles Infographic

EDANA's Nonwovens Infographics

EDANA conducted a study about the roles the different types of nonwovens play in our lives, their effect and impact, highlighting that nonwovens not only play a huge part in our lives, but in how we live them.

We were asked to illustrate that study, presenting all the relevant information in a clear and simple way. We used colour codes for every represented industry, making the panels more intuitive and therefore easy to consult.

EDANA's Automotive Infographic
EDANA's Automotive Filtration Infographic
EDANA's Crop Covers Infographic
EDANA's Pitched Roof Membranes Infographic
EDANA's Waterproof Membranes Infographic
EDANA's Water Filtration Infographic

HAI's Flyer and Posters

To better inform about the human and financial impact that healthcare associated infections have in the European Union, we where trusted to design a flyer and 3 posters promoting the benefits of single-use nonwovens products to decision makers, influencers and end-users in Surgery, Wound Management and Infection Control.

HAIs Flyer
EDANA's HAI Posters