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Maria Mendes is the voice of a new generation of jazz singers. With her graceful lyrical phrasing, she quickly earned the recognition of some of the most influential personalities such as Quincy Jones and Sheila Jordan.

Maria Mendes Landing Page


The main goal of this website is to bring fans and Maria Mendes closer together. Providing them with news, song previews and a peek of her off-stage life.

The Homepage includes a beautiful dynamic feed gallery of her latest posts trough the various social networks, making it easy to keep up with what she is doing.

Maria Mendes Media Page on iPad

The layout throughout the website is heavily based on images, making it more interesting, appealing and intuitive. And wherever you visit the website from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, the layout will adapt itself to provide you the best user experience.

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Innocentia it is Maria Mendes’ second studio album. It is a collection of songs that explore the vulnerability of infancy, love, and self-discovery. A quest for inner truth. And so, Maria wanted the artwork to show her the way she really is. Simple and elegant.

Maria Mendes Innocentia Artwork
Maria Mendes Innocentia Artwork inside panel